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Outburst of patriotism at an up-market restaurant in Tehran

Mr. Golastani, master of traditional Persian music - Shiraz

Ingenious cooling wind towers of ancient Yazd

Tastiest bread in Yazd, served with a smile

Shopping fever in Tehran's cavernous main bazaar. Can you spot me?

Idyllic picnic outing with local girls - Kurdish region of Sanandaj

Exploring the honeycombed trogdolyte dwellings near Tabriz

Rooftop vista over a traditional farming village near Sanandaj

Alluring street scene in Iran's cultural heartland of Esfahan

The local strength club, bastion of traditional values - Esfahan

Resplendant in an old teahouse in Yazd. Temperature 45 degrees outside

The following photos were taken with my old film camera.


Stairway to heaven. Foreign yogi in Sagaing Hills

Peering into the past. Sprawling temple ruins at Bagan

Forest of golden spires at Shwedogon Pagoda

Saddhammaramsi Meditation Center in Yangon

Riding in style on the Myanmar railway system

Czech Republic

Renaissance rooftops of Praque - cultural hub of Europe

Writer in residence

Ivory Coast

Everyone helps

... and some foreigners need help helping