Poetry Readings


My writing began with pieces of driftwood and a beach. A small book of three lined haikus disappeared into the Pacific Ocean without ever making it on to the page. In the meantime I completed studies in Herbal Medicine and Iridology and together with my partner founded a health food store and cooperative next door to Ken the butcher in a small village on the road to Mount Warning. During the years of my herbal practice we experimented with mixes of essential oils and herbal teas setting up three businesses to service the growing alternative markets of the eighties. I dabbled in collage art and devoured books along the way – authors like Doris Lessing, Sigrid Undset and Anais Nin, Peter Mathiesson and Robert Pirsig. And then there was nothing but the blank wall of a Zendo and years of practice with Buddhist teachers, a sort of washing the canvas clean. Climbing aboard the writing train my half empty cup turned into one half full.

Header photo: viewing the rooftops of Yazd with friend. All women in Iran, including foreigners, are obliged to wear headcover

Awake in sleepy, cinamon scented Cochin.
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